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karish_room's Journal

S w e e t . R e v o l u t i o n
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Hi! I'm Kari, from Chile. Nice to Meet You! ^O^/


Siam Shade Fan (*^▽^)/\(^▽^*)
made by Kari.Clepto
Made by[info]bloody_train ; Credits to[info]strawberryvox for these scans


♪ Other Jrock bands I love: Janne da Arc, NICO touches the walls,
UVERworld, One ok Rock, The Pillows, The Back Horn, Pierrot, D'espair Ray,
Acid Black Cherry, Boowy, etc *O*!


♥      Oguri Shun      ♥       HaruTake      ♥        Amu-team      ♥

and more xD!.

To be cotinued ... LOL!

PS: ♥ Mr. Disorder Team ~Chile~
Where are all my favorite disorder-friends?  (ノ_・、)